Retrogaming: Frequent Asked Questions about Atari Company and Atari 2600 versions

What’s happened to Atari?

The Atari as all the nostalgics remember it now no longer exists. On July 30, 1996, Atari merged with the JTS hardware manufacturer. But the story does not end here because, in February 1998, JTS sold the recently acquired Atari division (consisting of Atari Home Computer Games and all the intellectual rights of the games it produced over time) to HIACXI Corp. a subsidiary of the Hasbro Interactive group inc. for 5,000,000 dollars paid on the nail. However, in December 2000, the telenovela continues and Hasbro enters into a long-term license agreement with the French software company Infogrames, which undertakes to buy 100% of Hasbro Interactive – Atari included in bulk. Currently, several Atari branded games have been produced, but in reality the original company has little to do with these productions.

What’s the meaning of the Atari logo?

The Atari symbol was designed in 1972 by George Opperman. The stylized A is a tribute to Pong, the historical father of all video games (and inter alia produced by the same Atari). In fact, the letter of the mark consists of three lines or “trails”: Two, those at the extremes, represent the Pong players who face each other and the middle line that divides them is the network of the playing field.

Il Marchio di Atari su

How many versions of the Atari 2600 exists?

A lot! Here’s an incomplete list:

Atari 2600 VCS wood su

Atari 2600 VCS CX2600 It is the name of the original model. Wood-like and black plastic for the camera body. Six metal switches on the front panel.

Atari Sears Tele Games Video Arcade I su

Sears Tele Games Video Arcade I – Very similar to the original model, except for some cosmetic changes. Branded Sears.

Atari VCS 2600A su

Atari VCS 2600A (first revision) Externally identical to the original model, except for the fact that there are only four switches instead of six. The other two are at the back of the console. The motherboard is a simplified model of the original.

Atari VCS 2600A Seconda Revisione su

Atari VCS 2600A (second revision) The second revision has a different plastic treatment. The imitation wood replaced by black plastic disappears. The motherboard is an updated version.

Atari Sears Tele Games Video Arcade II su

Sears Tele Games Video Arcade II New model completely redesigned for Sears. Aesthetic improvements include colored buttons and LEDs. New design also for internal cards that still use the standard 2600 chipsets.

Console Atari 2800 su

Atari 2800 Identical to the Tele Games Video Arcade II but branded Atari and sold only in Japan. About 30 games were available for this console (always and only in Japan). The boxes were different from the American versions, while the cartridges were absolutely identical. The Atari 2800 did not have much luck, since after a short time it was put on the market it had to deal with the Nintendo Famicom (NES in America).

Console Atari 2600jr su

Atari 2600 Jr Modernized and smaller version of the old model, aesthetic improvements. It was sold at an extremely competitive price in Atari’s attempt to regain the market after the advent of home computers (Commodore of all).