Retro Game Box Art: Naoyuki Kato

Take an artistic break to appreciate the illustrations of Naoyuki Kato, born in 1952, member of the historic Studio Nue (responsible, for example, for the Space BattleShip Yamato and Macross anime) who since the 1970s has created sci-fi themed images appreciated throughout the world.

Naoyuki Kato Sci-Fi Artist Videogames - - 80s and 90s Arcades, Retro Games and Classic Video Games

His unmistakable style has also enhanced several video game box art, obviously immediately replaced with horrible scribbles as soon as they were imported into the European market. In particular it should be mentioned R-Type (Irem), The Guardian Legend (Compile / Irem), Super Aleste (Compile / Toho) and the rather obscure RPG Digan No Maseki (Artec).